Monday, February 23, 2015

Eskimo Day -- February Fun Day #12

     Brrrrrr. . . .
     I have to admit that I am usually racking my brain to come up with the last few February Fun Days.  So it was with this one-- Eskimo Day?  It ended up being in the 30s that day, which helped a lot.  Some of the students wanted to open up the windows, but that was quickly vetoed, although it would have been fun to try for a short time.  We were going to make igloos out of sugar cubes, but it is hard to find sugar cubes in Rosebud, Texas.  We did make bear paw cinnamon biscuits from canned biscuits by cutting three slits into one side of them, adding raisins for claws, and sprinkling sugar and cinnamon on the tops.  They were yummy, and it was delightful diversion from the normal morning break.  It was also hot lunch day, and the sewing ladies served us warm tortilla soup.  Spring is coming!
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