Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Draw the Schedule Out of a Hat Day -- February Fun Day #14

     This was another new day we thought we would try this year.  We wrote every segment of the day (except for lunch) on a piece of paper, and then put them in a "hat" (actually an Oasis Chorale bass section animal mask*).  Next, the students with summer birthdays drew a piece of paper out of the mask to see what class we would have next.  The day was all mixed-up, and we all thought that was fabulous.  

     After each twenty or thirty minute class, we would all meet together in anticipation as the next student drew our next class out of the mask.  The suspense and excitement were really infectious.  We decided to do this one again for . . . Fabulous Fun Fridays.  

     While I was researching February Fun Days, I stumbled upon a post about a school that had something like February Fun Fridays- they did something fun every Friday in February.  Well, I thought, we will still do something fun every day in February, and for the rest of the year we will also have Fabulous Fun Fridays.  Yay!  School doesn’t have to be boring.  Learning doesn’t, and should’t be boring either, as long as our focus is on the right thing:  The Reason Why.  

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*To learn more about the Oasis Chorale bass section masks, click here.