Sunday, April 10, 2016

A Medieval Honor Roll Party

 The order of events:
1.  We made the invitations and put them on the students' desks.
2.  We decorated the room with medieval flags and threw hay all over the floor.

3.  We set up one long table with candles, burlap, wood, pottery, glass, and water goblets.
4.  The students were put into three teams:  the Pilfering Peasants, the Drooling Dragons, and the Squandering Serfs.
5.  The students were not allowed into the banquet until they "Paid their Taxes".  Sixty plastic coins were hidden outside all around the school.  Each team had to find at least twelve.  (They got extra points if they found more.)

6.  Once they had paid all their taxes, they were allowed into the banquet hall.  Points were tallied up on a large score sheet we had hanging on the wall.

7.  Each students was "knighted".  The gentlemen received a paper hat with a feather in it; the ladies got a garland of flowers to wear.

8.  Students were seated and metal plates were plopped down in front of them.

9.   We poured ginger ale and apple juice punch into their goblets and passed around bowls of roasted peanuts.  They were told that they could throw the shells on the floor.

10.  Dinner was served.
Menu:  seasoned chicken legs
             corn on the cob
             seasoned carrots
             fruit tarts

At one point during dinner the students got rather rowdy.  I was in the kitchen getting the chicken and I heard them loudly chanting "WE WANT MEAT!" and pounding on the table.  I walked out of the kitchen to tell my husband that he needed to calm them down a bit when I saw him sitting at the head of the table leading the chant.  He quickly put his head down and tried to look innocent.  I had a good laugh, especially since he and my son are on a vegetarian diet right now.

11.  The teacher sang the students a funny song he had written about silly things his students do.

12.  The King's goblet was discovered missing and the team which found it got more points.

13.  The teams had a relay race in which they had to do the following--

Grab the hobby horse pole
Run into the bathroom, scream, and flush the toilet
Make a basketball goal
Score a soccer goal
Jump into the gaga court and yell, "I am the king of gaga."
Climb up the slide and slide down with the horse
Pass the horse to their next team member

The first and second place teams got more points.  The team with the most points at the end of the evening got a little chocolate.
After that, they played indoor soccer and helped us clean up while they awaited their rides home.

 The teachers and some of their significant others-  Jeff and Whitney Burkholder, Kaitlyn Zimmerman, Stephanie Eberly, Kyle Zook, Jeff & Deana Swanson