Thursday, February 27, 2014

February Fun Day #19 - Surprise Day

A drum major, a Viking, two pilots, and a grandpa

     While we were putting together our list of February Fun Days, my husband told me to write down one day as a "Surprise Day".  Being an obedient wife, I did.  So, the night before I asked him what his great surprise was.  He gave me a funny look and told me that we wrote that down so that he would have more time to think up another idea.  And he hadn't.
     I ran up to the attic and got my collection of hats.  I've been accumulating hats for around forty years.  I put all of the acceptable ones out on a table, and when the students arrived the next morning they each got to pick out a hat.  Many of us wore them all day long.
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A pilgrim and three beachcombers

Left to right:  a graduate, a 40's lady, a Vietnamese rice paddy worker, and another grandpa;

A mariachi, another Viking, and another beachcomber