Thursday, February 26, 2015

Anabaptist & Spy Day -- February Fun Day #16

     This year we did things a little differently, with unusual results.  We split the students into two even groups with twelve on each team.  Their "job" was to let their leader know who they were so that the leaders could guess who was on the other team.  After the above poster went up the first hour, we realized it would probably be a draw.  So the Anabaptist team decided to play a different game.  They purposely didn't guess any spies, gave a bowl of candy to the spies, and ended the game at 3:00 with this note:
                                     We, the Anabaptists, chose not to harm our fellow men.
                                     There is a gift of love in the kitchen for all the spies.
Love wins!   We all win-- and we had a fun, different day.
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