Monday, April 13, 2015

Flamingos Score Big with Pizza Party

       We had several home economics projects all lumped together, so this last cooking unit one we waited to do until we weren’t so overwhelmed.  As they did last year, the Fabulous Feminine Flamingos decided to have another pizza lunch party for the whole school.  They planned better this year, and we didn’t have twelve pizzas leftover.  (Not that anyone at our house complained about leftover pizza.)

     First they planned, then we shopped.  That is always fun.  At the store a man asked us if we were a basketball team.  I guess they didn’t see the girl who is only four foot ten. 

     Next they came to school early and got busy.  The school smelled marvelous.  We enjoyed a delightful lunch, and the last home economics cooking project was completed.  They all got an “A” on that one.

The last two pictures were taken by Lexi Miller.