Friday, January 20, 2017

Gettin' Ready for Honor Roll

Get it?  Swans' Inn?  I've wanted to have a colonial inn honor roll party for quite awhile, so that was the theme for our second honor roll party of the year.  

The invitations went out early in the week.  They were printed on parchment paper and I used a real quill dipped into ink to write the students' names on the inside and outside of every invitation.  They were sealed with candle wax.  

I asked some of the other teachers at Shalom Mennonite School to help with all the food and they were AMAZING!!!!  We stayed after school the day before the party and made forty-eight mini pot pies and forty fruit tarts.  

Next I asked my hubby and sons to move all of our living room furniture and rugs out of the living room and into the kitchen and study.  I still have two couches in my kitchen.