Saturday, April 15, 2017

Not in a Box, Not with a Fox

This has got to be my favorite history project of all time.  One of my creative, energetic 7th graders researched Henry "Box" Brown, a slave who built a box, got inside it, and shipped himself to freedom in Philadelphia.  The student then built the box to specifications and even got inside it to demonstrate as part of his presentation to the class.  It currently resides in my classroom.   He was also inspired to do his research paper for English class on the same topic.  

His sister made this dress similar to what a slave would have worn.  She even made it out of thick, coarse material.  Another student made a journal with entries by Harriet Tubman.  

One of my eighth graders researched one of the most exciting exploration stories -- Ernest Shackleton and the Endurance.  He recreated a scene from their camp on Elephant Island near the coast of Chili with upturned life boats used as shelter while they anxiously awaited the return of their faithful captain.